Day 4 Purple Waffle Blanket

I think i can only make 2 rows per day (1 waffle row). Because i am not so eager crocheting lately. I just using half an hour per day before going to sleep and not trying to finish the row. I made 3 rows today (one and half waffle rows).  So total 7½ rows.

Day 3 : Purple Waffle Blanket

Today 1 just made one waffle row (2 rows) before going to sleep. So total 6 waffle rows. No pic. Too tired to snap pic. Nite²

Day 2 Purple Waffle Blanket

Make 2 waffle rows today. (Which is 4 rows) Total 5 waffle rows.

Purple Waffle Baby Blanket Day 1

Made 3 waffle rows today (6 rows of st in total) I use milk cotton cap lembu with 4.5mm hook.  I started with 90 + 2 chain. And dc for each chain second row. Then start to waffle stitch. I am not in hurry. So will try making 1 waffle row per day.


After a long thinking, i decided to make : Dc blanket C2C blanket Waffle blanket But focus on color : Minimalist color: Off white Grey Beige Cream Black Girl color: Soft Pink Soft yellow Boy color: Soft Blue Soft green Dark blue Dark green Now i have a lot of purple yarn. So i'll be making those 3 blanket with purple yarn first.

Phone Pouch Sling Bag Day 1

Since yesterday I am deciding what will be my next crochet project. I wanted to make an easy project, blank mind, no sewing, no  counting, not so much changing color, but I can't decide. It almost midnight, so i decided to start a side project. Here it is. I am making a phone pouch sling bag using multi color yarn and 3mm hook. Start with 25 ch, and sc all around it  I really like this sc texture and the random pattern that created by this yarn, but making it is so slow and boring  That is why i make it as side project. I'll use ½hour a day to crochet it.

Day 7 : Love Crochet c2c blanket

Finally! Complete second blanket. It's for my baby boy. OmG, I'm a proud mama. My second child is no 3 months old and started to call me to baby talk. I'm going to slow down my crochet hobby and priorities my time for her nad her brother. I'm thinking about starting ba new project which is easy and blank minded so i don't need to concentrate and no need to put too much pressure to myself.